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Handmade With Love πŸ–€

Using great quality copper and brass materials along with natural gemstone and glass beads, all made by myself with the best intentions.

Thank you so much for stopping by πŸ’«

My Creations

Labradorite Eye Pendant

Labradorite Pendant

Black Obsidian Pendant

Black Obsidian Sun

Opalite Heart Choker

Black Obsidian Choker

Moth Fairy Choker

Opalite Heart Fairy Choker

Opalite Fairy Choker

Blue Lace Agate Ring/6

Moss Agate Ring/11.5

Lavender Amethyst Ring/9.5

Opalite Ring/8.5

Green Aventurine Ring/6

Green Aventurine Ring/7.5

Carnelian Hemp Leaf Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

Turquoise Pendant

Black Agate Pendant

Rose Quartz Ear Cuffs

Opalite Ear Cuffs

Cross Goth Choker

Soft Goth Choker

Peach Quartz Choker

Sakura Necklace

Hello Kitty Earrings

Opalite Hammer Earrings

Opalite Ballerina Earrings

Kuromi Moon Earrings

Mushy Hair ClipsπŸ„

Blue Aventurine Hair Clips

Amethyst Hair Clips

Blue Aventurine πŸŒ™ Bracelet

Opalite 444 Bracelet

Coquette Choker

Hematite Butterfly Choker

Opalite Butterfly Garden Choker

Opalite Butterfly Choker

Fairy Grunge Choker

My melody Choker